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Instagram is the popular social media platform under the Meta umbrella, is poised to undergo a groundbreaking transformation through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Recent reports suggest that Instagram is actively testing and implementing various AI features, poised to elevate user experiences and promote transparency. From AI-generated image labeling to a suite of AI tools integrated into the Story editor, Instagram is all set to redefine its ecosystem with a wave of innovative AI-driven enhancements. In this comprehensive blog, we delve into the details of these forthcoming AI features, which promise to revolutionize the way we interact with and create content on the platform.

Instagram’s AI Features:

“Created by AI” Image Label”

A standout AI feature in the pipeline for Instagram is the introduction of a “Created by AI” label for images. As generative AI art gains traction, discerning between genuine and AI-generated images becomes paramount. This unique label, either added by the image’s original poster or implemented by Meta itself, will provide users with clear information about the source of certain images. By effectively distinguishing AI-generated content, It aims to combat confusion, misinformation, and potential propaganda, fostering a more authentic user experience.


The “Created by AI” label includes a succinct explanation of generative AI, with an accompanying “Learn More” link to explore AI within Meta products. Although currently in the testing phase, Instagram is set to roll out this feature in the near future, ensuring users can confidently identify and appreciate the artistic merit of AI-generated content.

“Message Summary” AI Feature:

Amidst the AI revolution, Instagram is also working on a feature aptly named “Message Summary.” This AI-powered tool is designed to simplify direct message (DM) interactions, offering users a concise summary of their chat conversations. Especially beneficial for influencers and content creators who receive a high volume of messages daily, the “Message Summary” ensures that users can quickly grasp the essence of their interactions with others. Through this holistic overview, influencers can better understand their audience’s collective voice, engage more effectively with followers, and promptly respond to brand inquiries.

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To accomplish this feat, Instagram is reportedly deploying its proprietary large language model (LLM) – Llama 2. This advanced AI system guarantees accurate and relevant message summaries, elevating the overall user experience on the platform.

AI Tools in Instagram’s Story Editor:

The excitement amplifies with the introduction of AI tools within the Instagram Story editor. A key inclusion is the “AI brush tool,” enabling users to seamlessly add or replace specific elements within their images directly from the app. Functioning similarly to Adobe Photoshop’s “Generative Fill” via Firefly, this AI-powered feature empowers creators to experiment with their visual storytelling like never before. Instagram’s “Restyle” feature further enriches the creative landscape by providing users with an extensive array of visual styles to apply to their image stories.

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From transforming selfies into mesmerizing paper art to crafting captivating 3D images and comics, “Restyle” promises to elevate content creation to unparalleled heights. The native integration of these AI capabilities within the Story editor is bound to entice users, fostering a wave of imaginative and compelling content across the platform.

Upcoming Features on Instagram:

Beyond the AI-driven innovations, It has an exciting lineup of additional features on the horizon. Soon, users can expect the ability to share their location in notes, enhanced “Quizzes” during Live sessions, and a convenient feature to “Plan an event.” These enhancements are set to enrich user interactions, bolster community engagement, and make Instagram a more immersive and dynamic social media platform.


Instagram’s AI revolution is on the horizon, promising a captivating and transformative experience for users worldwide. With the “Created by AI” label ensuring transparency, the “Message Summary” streamlining DM interactions, and the AI-powered tools enhancing the Story editor’s creative potential, Instagram is poised to become a hub of cutting-edge content creation and authentic social connections. As Instagram continues its stride into the realm of AI, users can look forward to a vibrant and immersive social media ecosystem, driven by technology and creativity. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of these remarkable AI features, as Instagram embraces a new era of innovation and user empowerment.

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