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Are you guys searching for how to make YouTube Shorts and TikTok Sequences in Adobe Premiere? Don’t know how to make a perfect sequence for TikTok & YouTube Shorts!! Well in this article we will discuss how to make it using Adobe Premiere video Editor Software. We will also cover all the steps in detail.

How to Make a YouTube Shorts & TikTok Sequence in Adobe Premiere

There are some steps to be followed properly:

1. Open Adobe Premiere on your PC or Laptop. If you don’t have Adobe Premiere Software on your computer then first install it on your computer the installation process is simple you can watch the installation process through YouTube Tutorial. Once the Installation process is complete Open the Adobe Premiere Software and Run it.

2. Click on New


3. Once you click New now select your Sequence presets for the YouTube shorts and TikTok sequences.


Click on Digital SLR before going to the next process below there is a Sequence Name you can give your sequence name here.

4. Once you click Digital SLR you will see three options: 1080p, 480p, and 720p. It is a quality format you can choose according to your need but I will recommend you choose 1080p for the best quality and result.


5. Now you need to click on setting there you need to re-arrange frame size. The Frame-Size must be 1080 and 1920 must be in 9:16 vertical size.


6. Now Just press ok now your TikTok and YouTube Sequence in ready to use.


Why use Adobe Premiere to Make YouTube Shorts and TikTok Sequence

  • Adobe Premiere is Easy to use.
  • Have many Best Features.
  • Perfect Interface.
  • Video Effects.
  • Audio Effects.
  • Color correction effects are available.
  • Blur and sharpness effects are available.

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Follow these steps properly to make a perfect Sequence. It is not as hard as you think to make amazing videos and upload them on TikTok and YouTube Shorts to earn money as well as to gain views, and popularity in social media. After following these steps also if you are facing an issue then contact us or you can comment below we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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