Information Communication Technology – Types and Social Impact of ICT

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ICT (Information Communication Technology) covers all technical processing and communication aspects. It is a technique for storing and processing information. ICT uses different technologies to process data into output format as information and transmit it to the recipient using a network concept.

What is Communication Technology?

Communication Technology is the way of sharing information by using various technology devices. Information can be exchanged through different ways such as computers, radio, email, social media, etc.

ICT Types :

There are many different types of ICT. Some of the ICTs are described below:

Computers: computers are the best way to share information. It is a popular information-sharing technology. Personal computer laptops are ICT-based devices that are very powerful.

Email: Email is another way to share information. The email refers to electronic mail where files and folders can be sent and received through the bits of help of the Internet.

Telephone: Telephones are a great way to communicate. One person can easily communicate with another person with the help of the technology telephone. It is the main device for communication.

Internet: The Internet provides the main source of information. It helps in communication between people. It provides valuable information to all the people.

Benefits of Information Communication Technology (ICT):


ICT has many benefits, some of which are explained below:

  • Use of ICT E-learning: E-learning is more beneficial for those students who can’t attend classes. It allows all people to learn from anywhere in the world.
  • Helps in increasing creativity: Information communication technology helps to make people more creative by providing required information and ideas to people. 
  • Helps in decision making: ICT helps in decision making by providing different analysis techniques and information to the people.
  • Helps in learning: ICT can help people to learn new ideas. It provides valuable information to people which helps them to learn many things.

Social Impact of Information Communication Technology:

positive and negative impacts of ICT.

Positive Impact of ICT:

  • Employment: ICT has created new jobs like system analysts, software engineers, and hardware engineers for people. More benefits for those people who are handicapped.
  • Business: ICT has helped to do business globally. E-commerce, online banking, and virtual shopping malls are the perfect examples of online business.
  • Health Sector: ICT is used to keep records of patients. Many expert systems are used in hospitals. Devices like CT-SCAN, Ultrasound machines, and MRI machines are used in the health sector.
  • Communication Sector: ICT is used in the communication sector. It is used for collecting information, and news with the use of ICT. The communication sector uses tools like emails, video conferences, etc.
  • Education: ICT helps in the education sector. ICT tools are used in all areas like teaching, medicine, and health. It helps in online studying and research for the students and teachers too.
  • Banking Sector: ICT is used in the banking sector to keep records of customers’ transactions. Nowadays electronic transactions are possible in banks such as ATM cards, Debit cards, etc.
  • Entertainment: ICT is used in entertainment. It helps in the music industry and helps to make cartoons, animation videos, and movies.

Negative Impact of ICT:

  • Unemployment: Development in ICT is one of the main causes of unemployment. It increases the unemployment rate all over the world. ICT replaced manual record keepers. For a small job one must also be known to use computer technology.
  • software: People are copying other software information with the use of ICT which is one of the negative impacts of ICT. Copying others’ data and selling it to others is totally very wrong. People should not do such activities by using technology.
  • Plagiarism: It is the act of copying other’s creations, and materials.
  • Theft: By using computer devices one can steal data which is very bad. Should not misuse technology to do such activities.

Thus, Information communication technology is very useful but the wrong use of ICT can lead to many problems. ICT is developing rapidly. Everyone should use it in the proper way.

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