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An office app is a useful application that is used for editing, creating documents, and many more tasks. Want to keep all office apps on your mobile phone for various official and personal uses? Then you might surely be confused about which application is best to use; if so, different office apps are available for Android and iOS in the Play Store and App Store.

In this blog, we will discuss the Top 10 best office apps for Android and iOS in detail. 

Top 10 Best Office Apps for Android and iOS in 2023:

Below are some of the office apps for Android that are discussed:

  • Microsoft 365 Office: Microsoft 365 (Office) is a very popular and useful application that helps to create, edit, and share files. This application includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one application. It is a very easy-to-use Microsoft 365 Office application that offers different features to the user. It can convert pictures and documents, Provide PDF scanning, and have editing features. Anyone can use this application; it is reliable. More than 500 million users have installed it on their phones for office and personal use. The size of the application is 104 MB, which is suitable for low-storage phones too.
  • Google Docs: Another popular and useful application is Google Docs, which is available on both Android and iOS. Google Docs edits the document. Users can create, edit, and share the document easily. It works well offline too; it is part of Google Workspace, where users can chat and collaborate. To use Google Docs on an Android phone, the OS version must be 8.0 or higher.
  • OfficeSuite:  The size of OfficeSuite is just 50 MB, and more than 100 million users have installed it on their phones. Useful apps like Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint, and a PDF editor are available inside this application. With these powerful office packs, users can create, edit, convert, and protect documents too. Users can link Google Drive with team members easily. OfficeSuite can easily edit PDF files.
  • WPS Office: WPS Office is an application in the Office suite. It is very compatible with all devices. It allows users to create, edit, and share files. It allows 1 GB of cloud storage, which also supports editing and sharing files. Another benefit of using it is that it can easily add and remove watermarks. The size of the application is 79 MB, and more than 500 million users have installed it for their use.
  • OnlyOffice Documents: The OnlyOffice Documents application is useful for working with office files. This application allows you to view and edit documents online in real-time. Users can use excess cloud storage and easily manage documents on the portal. OnlyOffice Documents allow easy access to and management of files in the OnlyOffice cloud. The size of this application is 103 MB, and 100k users have installed it so far to use its features on their phones.
  • Zoho Sheet Spreadsheet App: A very small 15 MB application is useful to create, edit, and share on the spreadsheet. This application is easy to use, and users can work as a team from anywhere on the planet. Users can visualize spreadsheet data with charts. The total installation of the Zoho Sheet Spreadsheet application is more than 100K.
  • LibreOffice Reader: LibreOffice Reader is a document reader application useful to read different files such as DOCX, XLSX, PTTX, and PDF files. The LibreOffice Reader application is easy to use and can read and view files easily. The size of the application is 40 MB, and more than 100K users have installed it to read different documents for their official or personal work.
  • TextMaker Word Processor: The TextMaker Word Processor application allows users to work on Word documents. All the features provided by this application are the best. It has comprehensive graphics functions; users can draw and design directly in the document and crop pictures. This amazing application’s size is just 55 MB, and more than 100,000 users have installed it to use it in their work.
  • A1Office: A great application with a low-size app is an all-in-one document reader app that is very easy to use. Users can delete, sort, rename, and manage files. It does not require the internet; it can read all the files offline. The A1Office application allows document management from a structural view. 1 million users have installed this application to make their work easier.
  • Trello: The Trello application manages team projects, organizes tasks, and builds the team in one place. Users can create and update tasks from every part of the world. Users can share files by attaching them to a card. The size of this application, Trello, is just 20 MB. 10 million users have now installed it on their phones to use the application.


All the above applications are very useful and perfect. It depends on you whether you want to use it for your daily office work or personal work. Office apps make life easier for all.

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