Telegram Stories: A New Feature for Premium Users

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In the dynamic world of instant messaging and social media, the Stories feature has become a ubiquitous aspect of popular applications. However, one platform, Telegram, has remained a surprising holdout – until now. Embracing the evolving landscape, Telegram has unveiled Telegram Stories, catering to its unique user base.

The Stories feature on Telegram allows users to share captivating photo and video updates that vanish after 24 hours. Although this trend is not entirely new, Telegram adds a twist that sets it apart from the competition. Only Telegram Premium users have the privilege of posting stories, while everyone else can relish viewing the shared stories.

The addition of Stories was recently spotted by Twitter user @Bayrischmaster, who expressed curiosity about how to post a story. Telegram’s official account promptly responded, confirming the rollout and clarifying that posting is currently exclusive to Premium subscribers.


Telegram Stories encompass several intriguing highlights that set it apart from its counterparts:

  1. Privacy Settings: Telegram users can control who sees their Stories, with options ranging from everyone to only selected contacts or a list of close friends.
  2. Captions and Interaction: Stories are enhanced with captions, offering more context and the ability to include links and tag other users.
  3. Dual Camera Support: Users can post content captured by both their front and rear phone cameras simultaneously, adding creativity to their Stories.
  4. Customizable Expiry Time: Story owners have the flexibility to choose the duration of their Stories’ visibility – from six, 12, 24, or 48 hours to permanent display.
  5. Reposting: Leveraging content from channels, Stories can now go viral more effortlessly, amplifying their reach across the platform.

One noteworthy aspect of Telegram’s approach is its subtlety. Unlike many other platforms where Stories dominate the user experience, Telegram keeps them more discreet, ensuring those who prefer conventional messaging can navigate the app without interference.

The Stories feature undoubtedly adds a fresh layer of interaction to Telegram’s ecosystem, catering to the preferences of its diverse user base. As Telegram’s community continues to grow, the Stories feature is set to elevate the platform’s allure even further.

In conclusion, Telegram’s introduction of Stories brings a delightful twist to the trend, providing its loyal users with a unique and engaging way to share their moments while preserving the essence of conventional messaging for those who prefer it. With Telegram’s innovative approach, the Stories feature blends seamlessly into the platform, enriching the user experience without overwhelming it. As Telegram enthusiasts embrace this exciting addition, the future of Stories on the app seems promising, poised to foster even deeper connections among its vibrant community of users.

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