Check Reliable Nepal Life Insurance IPO Result | RNLIL Result Date Out

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Are you waiting for the Reliable Nepal Life Insurance IPO Result and the date? Finally, your wait is over now. In this blog, we will discuss Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Company Detail, the Reliable Nepal Life Insurance IPO Result Date, and How to check the Result of RNLI.

About Reliable Nepal Life Insurance

Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Limited, a prominent name in Nepal’s insurance sector, is poised to offer an opportunity that combines investment and security. Established in 2007 and authorized by the Insurance Board in 2017, the company has steadily grown to become a key player with a robust network.

The issued capital of Reliable Nepal Life Insurance stands at a substantial Rs. 4 Arba, with a notable allocation for various stakeholders. Of this capital, 30% (1,20,00,000 unit shares) was reserved for the public, including both Nepalese citizens working abroad and the general public. Within this allocation, 10% (12,00,000 unit shares) is earmarked for Nepalese citizens working abroad, demonstrating the company’s commitment to serving its global community.

Additionally, 5% (600,000 units) of the total issue was set aside for the company’s employees, reflecting an inclusive approach that involves its workforce in the growth journey. Mutual funds also have a dedicated allocation of 5% (600,000 units), further diversifying the participation base. The remaining 96,00,000 units were open to the general public, offering an inclusive investment opportunity.

The initial public offering (IPO) was given the go-ahead on 2080-03-15. Starting on 2023-08-08 at 10:00 AM and concluding on 2023-08-11 at 5:00 PM, the initial public offering (IPO) is taking place.

IPOReliable Nepal Life Insurance
SectorNon-Life Insurance
For Mutual Fund6,00,000 units
For Foreign Employee Nepalese12,00,000 units
For Staffs (Company )6,00,000 units
For Public General96,00,000 units
Total Issued Units12,00,000 units
Opening Range ( Expected )Rs. 486.87
Reserved Profit7,39,100 ( FY078/079)
Credit RatingCARE-NP BBB+(Is)
Issue ManagerCivil Capital Market Ltd.
HeadquatersGyaneshwor, Kathmandu
Established on2017 A.D.
IPO Detail

Reliable Nepal Life Insurance IPO Result Date


The IPO result date for Reliable Nepal Life Insurance is poised to be unveiled within the third week of August. Following the closure of the issue on August 11, 2023, at 5:00 PM, investors are eagerly awaiting this crucial milestone. The outcome of this announcement will determine the allocation of shares and mark a significant step in the company’s journey.

How to check the Result of RNLIL ( Reliable Nepal Life Insurance)

The Reliable Nepal Life Insurance IPO Result can be checked on Meroshare to check user need to log in with a username and password Result can be also checked from Clearing Limited’s official website. If you don’t know how to check Read this :

IPO Allotment 2080 | Check IPO Result in Mero share

Also, Check Directly From Here:


The Reliable Nepal Life Insurance IPO Result will be held within the 3rd week of August. Check directly from the link that I have provided above. If the IPO is Allotted you can see there “Allotted” if not then “Not Allotted” will be displayed. As well as bank will refund your money if you are not Allotted. It can take some days to credit your money back to your bank account.

Best of Luck !!!

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