Instead of creating a new account, Netflix has introduced a fresh feature called Profile Transfer which allows users to move their profiles to an already-existing account. This is additionally to the previously mentioned Profile Transfer feature, which allows users to transfer their whole profile to their new account.

Because of Netflix’s recent crackdown on sharing passwords, the new Profile Transfer feature will be especially useful for anyone who has just been kicked out of a shared Netflix account. Users can now able transfer their online profiles to an existing account.

Users can access the “Transfer Profile” option by placing the mouse cursor over their profile sign in the homepage dropdown menu. The email address and password of the account they want to transfer their profile onto are then needed. The user’s profile data, including specific recommendations, viewing history, a watchlist, saved games, and other settings, will be shifted to the freshly created account after the transfer is complete.

The new Profile Transfer feature is available now for all Netflix users.

Below are some of the benefits of activating the new Profile Transfer feature:

  • Your custom suggestions, viewing history, watchlist saved games, and other settings will all still available.
  • Not just the Netflix account that registered with, but any Netflix account can be added to your profile.
  • You don’t have to get started again by making a new account.
  • The new Profile Transfer option is an excellent way for anyone who suffered from Netflix’s recent crackdown on password-sharing to continue using the Netflix experience.

News Source: Android Authority

By drasolt