how to cancel youtubetvhow to cancel youtubetv

YouTube TV streams live and offers different channels, including many more popular ones. You can record your favorite shows and watch them offline. YouTube is available on different devices, like smartphones, TVs, and computers.

There are many features of YouTube TV, including:

  • YouTube TV provides a feature of live TV: Watch different popular channels online with Live TV.
  • Multi-screen Streaming FeatureAnyone can watch YouTube TV on up to three different devices at a time.
  • View videos offlineRecord your favorite shows on your phone or TV and watch them when you are offline. YouTube TV provides features for recording videos.
  • Manage Kids ProfilesYou can manage kids’ profiles so children can watch age-appropriate content.
  • Share with familyShare a YouTube TV subscription with up to six family members, which is easy once you purchase a subscription.
In this blog, we will discuss how to cancel YouTube TV, what happens when we cancel, and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

How to Cancel YouTube TV

Here are some steps to cancel your YouTube TV:

  • First, log in to your YouTube TV account with a username and password.
  • Now tap on your profile photo.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Scroll down to the page and select Membership.
  • Below Manage Membership Now, click on Cancel Membership.
  • Mention the reason for the cancellation.
  • Tap to continue canceling.
  • Again, tap Cancel Membership.
After these steps, your YouTube TV subscription will be cancelled. After that, you will not be charged for its service.

What happens when you cancel YouTube TV?

Once you cancel Youtube TV, you will lose all access, like recording and watching, and the main thing is that all the recorded videos will be recorded automatically.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Canceling YouTube TV

There are many advantages and disadvantages to canceling Youtube TV; we will discuss them in detail below:


  • It saves you ExpensesOnce you cancel, you do not need to pay monthly for these services, which saves you money and improves your expenses.
  • We will have time to explore something else: After canceling, you will have free time to search for other better services during this time period. You will be able to explore new things and services.
  • You can choose any other streaming service that you want to seeChoose any service you want after cancelling your YouTube TV. You can also find another low-cost service if you have a money problem.


  • All-access will be removedOnce you cancel this feature, you will lose all access to YouTube TV, which is one of the main disadvantages for users.
  • All recorded videos will be automatically deletedMany recorded videos will be deleted automatically once you cancel this subscription. As a result, you will have to lose all your favorite shows and videos.
  • Once you cancel YouTube TV, you may not find all the features on other TV channels: This is the main disadvantage for users. If you cancel your subscription, you may not find all the channels that you used to watch on YouTube TV.


Lastly, canceling YouTube TV is really simple; you can do it easily just by following the above steps. There are advantages and disadvantages to canceling this service.

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