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There are millions of applications available on the Play Store in different categories like business, entertainment, puzzles, education apps, finance, and many more. There are also many useful applications for kids in the Play Store.

If you don’t know how to choose useful applications for kids, then in this blog, we will discuss 10 useful apps for kids in 2023 that will help you choose the best application for kids. But before choosing apps for kids, apps must provide education and fun for the children.

Useful applications include education and gaming apps for kids.

  • Khan Academy Kids: Khan Academy Kids application is the perfect application for children to learn. It includes fun storybooks and phonics games that keep children engaged, entertained, and learning. It includes various math facts and numbers with well-decorated characters. The Khan Academy Kids application helps children increase their memory power. It is an award-winning learning application. More than 5 million users installed it on their mobile devices to improve their children’s performance.
  • This is another popular application for kids. More than 10 million users have installed this application on their devices. is also an award-winning learning application that covers a variety of categories like math, art, music, reading, and many more. There are 10,000 Interactive learning activities for children. Applications are motivational and rewarding, which helps accelerate growth in literacy for kids.
  • Epic Kids’ Books & Reading: Epic Kids’ Books & Reading is another great application for kids. It is a popular digital reading platform for kids. More than 5 million users have installed this application. Thousands of books, learning videos, and audiobooks are available on this application, which helps kids learn new things. If anybody wants their kids to become more educated and intelligent, then Epic Kids’ application might be perfect for learning.
  • Duck Duck Moose Reading: This is a great application for learning, reading, and playing different games. The Duck Duck Moose Reading application is another award-winning app. It helps kids improve their reading skills. There are many words and letters kids learn by playing with monkeys, lions, and many more. This application also has a parent reporting tool that helps track the progress of kids. More than 100,000 users have installed it on their phones. Duck Duck Moose Reading apps teach phonics. Kids can practice more than 200 words.
  • HOMER Learn & Grow: HOMER Learn & Grow boosts kids’ confidence and grows them. It includes many useful features that increase the reading capacity of kids. More than 1 million users have installed it for kids.
  • Lego Duplo World Game: Lego Duplo World is a gaming application for kids. This game is perfect for kids ages 2–5 years old. This game features animals, buildings, and exciting vehicles to inspire kids through learning. Games are learning-based, and people can learn much valuable and useful information by playing these games. Lego Duplo World is a cartoon and an offline game.
  • Toca Life World: Toca Life World is a gaming application for kids. Kids can design characters and scenes. The game is totally fun to play. Kids can create their own stories and many more, which increase their skills and make them happy to play.
  • Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt: Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt is a fun kid’s game. More than 500k users installed it to play this game. Players can catch mochi and hatch them every day. This is a puzzle-type game that requires creativity.
  • Minecraft: Minecraft is a very popular game for kids too. Players can transform into anything they imagine. Players can create and explore their own worlds and can build anything. It can be played with friends on smartphones, computers, and consoles. Minecraft games help kids develop their skills.
  • Kids can read, learn, and play with fun. Kids can learn grammar and mathematics by playing with rats in this game. It improves kids’ memory power and makes them more creative and skilled.

Choosing useful apps for kids is not so hard. If you read this blog, you will see that I have included all the useful and informative apps for kids. You can choose any of these and make your kids intelligent. I hope this blog helps you a lot. If you have any queries, then contact me or comment below.

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