7 Best Android football games in 2023 – FIFA popular games to play

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There are many games available on the Play Store. Different people like different games; some like Action Games others like Puzzles Games based on their interests. All games are fun to play, whether they are sports, action, or puzzles. There are billions of games in different categories.

But today, in this blog, we will be discussing the 7 best Android football games in 2023. Are you interested in playing football? Then this blog will definitely help you choose your favorite game. Let’s discuss it in detail.

The Best Android Football Games of 2023:


There are millions of football games available on the Play Store, but today we will discuss the 7 best Android FIFA football games.

  • eFootball 2023: This game is one of the most popular football games in 2023. Approximately 4.0 GB of total space will be required to install on your phone. The total game size is 2.8 GB. 11 million users rate this game, so the total rating is 4.3 out of 5, which is very impressive. This game is in the top 2 in the sports category. There are a wide variety of modes to choose from, and you can play it with your friends too. The game graphics are totally awesome, with smooth performance. eFootball 2023 is a popular football game for all age groups. Many new users are installing this game on their phones. If you would also like to play eFootball 2023, then the game is available on the Play Store. You can install it without any charges, but if you want premium features or players, you have to pay for them.
  • FIFA SoccerFIFA Soccer is another great Android football game for 2023. It provides the same experience as the eFootball 2023 game. The graphics are very well designed, with realistic gameplay. There are also various modes to choose from. The total installation size is 124 MB without additional files. You can build your favorite team in the FIFA soccer game. There are different features, like Manager mode, where you can plan and make your own strategies. More than 100 million users install this game on their phones, and this game is the No. 1 top-grosser in sports. Just try this amazing game; I am sure you will enjoy playing it.
  • Dream League Soccer 2023 ( DLS): The DLS game is another of the most played and best Android football games in 2023. Dream League Soccer games have arcade-style gameplay. This game offers a variety of players and teams to choose from. The total size of the game is 550 MB without additional files. More than 100 million people install it on their phones to play DLS games. These games include amazing features of 3D motion that capture kicks, tackles, and goalkeeper saves, giving unmatched realism to the users.
  • Score Hero: This game is a great way to improve football skills. The game is challenging, and it is one of the most unique styles of football. You can take part in regular events to earn a medal. The game is designed with 3D graphics and the best animation. The game is easy to install, but for additional features, you may need to pay for them. The size of the game is 91 MB, which is very little in comparison to other FIFA games. More than 100 million users have installed it on their phones to play this game. If you want to improve your skills on kicks, penalties, and shots, then this game is just perfect for you.
  • Flick Shoot 2: Flick Shoot 2 is another great football game in 2023. This is perfect for those who want a casual experience. It’s all about scoring goals. This game is the best way to increase and test your skills. The total size of the game is just 92MB. More than 10 million users installed it on their phones to play the Flick Shoot 2 game. This is the best mobile game. There are amazing features, like online and multiplayer challenges. It can be played in eight different languages. Just install it and challenge others.
  • Soccer Stars: Soccer Stars are perfect for casual players. Games are played in small fields. Games are challenging, but the controls are easy to use. More than 50 million users installed it on their phones to play Soccer Stars games. The total size is 74 MB, which is a very small file. It can be played easily on normal phones without any lag. Soccer Stars games have amazing features online and offline. Players can play games online and offline too. You can customize teams.
  • New Star Soccer: Are you looking for an in-depth football experience? If so, New Star Soccer can be the best choice for you. The New Star Soccer game is one of the most popular games and offers a variety of challenges and rewards. The total size of the game is 80MB. More than 10 million people have installed it on their phones. The game is totally installed and easy to control with high graphics.

These are the 7 Best Android football games, with so many options. If you love playing football games on Android, then what are you still waiting for? Choose one of them and start playing

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