10 Apps That Will Save Your Money on International Calls

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In today’s digital world, communication plays a very important role in keeping people connected with people outside the nationPeople use the telephone or cell phones to communicate with their loved ones, but calling through cell phones is really costly.

To communicate with others through cell phones, it costs money to make a call. To solve these problems and save you money on international calls, I will provide you with:

10 apps that make international calls 

  • Dington: Dington is one of the most popular apps for phone calls and texts. It allows you to make WiFi calls and send messages. It protects your personal data, provides privacy, and saves you money on international calls. It offers the option to choose a local phone number. Calls are very clear, and many more Dingtone also provides premium features like call forwarding, recording, and many more. This application is available on the Play Store.
  • Text Me: Text Me is another application for making calls. The size of the application is just 36 MB, and more than 10 million users have installed it on their phones for calls and messages. You can get a new phone number, make a very cheap call, and text. Users can pick a number and make personal phone numbers to contact anyone. It also allows users to make calls, but they must be connected to WiFi.
  • MagicApp: MagicApp is a very useful application for calling and messaging. This will allow a second phone number for your phone. There are unlimited calling features in the U.S. and Canada. MagicApp also provides caller ID, voicemail, and call-forwarding features. The size of the application is just 16 MB, and over 10 million people have chosen MagicApp for calling and messaging purposes.
  • JusCall: JusCall is a call application that offers local and international calls with super-clear audio. Users do not need a SIM card to make calls. Users can enjoy calls from all over the world to any landline or mobile device with WiFi and data. JusCall also supports call recording features. The total size of the Juscall application is 53 MB, and over 1 million people have had it installed on their phones.
  • Talkatone: The Talkatone application is not available in every region, like Nepal, but in other regions it is available. It is a very reliable application for making unlimited calls and messages. You can send messages easily to loved ones. Users can change their number at any time. Talkatone provides a reliable call service, so there will be no problem. The application size is also much smaller than other applications.
  • WeChat: The WeChat application is a very popular application for calls, chat, and much more. More than 100 million people have installed it on their phones for better services. Users can create groups and message up to 500 members. WeChat provides smooth and reliable call services. It also allows real-time location-sharing features.
  • LINE: The LINE calls and Messages application is the top 2 application in the communication categories. 500 million people choose the LINE application for calls and messages. The size of the application is 85MB. The LINE application is available all over the world on Smartphones, desktops, and Wear OS devices. For a better experience, it is recommended to use this application on Android OS version 8 or above. It allows unlimited calls, messages, different stickers, emojis, and theme services.
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the number one application for calling, messaging, and many more things. It is a top application; over 5 billion people choose it for reliable call and message service. It provides privacy for user data and is a popular application for communication purposes. You can use this application for unlimited calls and for other services like messaging, too.
  • Viber: Viber is another popular application for calls and messaging. It provides reliable call services. You can make international calls via WiFi or cellular data. Viber also provides outcall services at a very low cost. This application is good and more trustworthy to use.
  • IMO: The IMO application is very fast and easy to use. IMO is compatible with all the networks. It uses less data and quickly allows for a customized profile. The IMO is 41 MB in size, and more than 1 billion people have installed it on their phones for calls and messages. It is the fourth-ranked app in the communication category in the Play Store.

We discussed 10 Apps that save money on international calls. There are also many applications that are useful for international calls, but in this blog, we just discuss 10 apps for better call services. I hope this blog really helps you a lot. If you were looking for these apps, then they will surely help you to find your favorite one. Use any of these applications to make international calls with your friends, family, and relatives.

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